Cana cruises to victory, winning Crusader Games, Chaminade Cup


Naomi Lin '24

Cana Christopher Fern and house leader Cole Anderson ’22 triumphantly hold the Chaminade Cup in Lindland Theatre after the standings were announced.

After a week of dynamic rallies and contests, Cana emerged as the champions in both the Chaminade Cup and Crusader Games, scoring respectively 1615 and 319 points in a first for the house.

The Games commenced with a school-wide opening ceremony honoring Mother Mary, accompanied by a rendition of “Ave Maria” by a trio of the Marianist Choir. Over the course of the week, the houses faced off against each other in an array of games.

The week started with a Cana and Russi tie in a rousing game of limbo after the opening ceremony. Then on Wednesday, Cana crushed all other houses in the annual Super Smash Bros. tournament, bringing in a lead over Russi.

On Thursday, in a “magical” game of Quidditch, Cana and Russi tied again once more as victors. Finally on Friday, Pilar prevailed as Senior Gauntlet champs, putting an end to the chain of Cana victories.

Ultimately, the lead built up from the numerous victories of Cana proved insurmountable for the other houses, resulting in Cana coming out on top.

Michael Artiga ’22 and Elci Cortes ’22 celebrate winning the gauntlet with House of Pilar Provincial Melissa Nagar. (Photo by Daphne Iosua ’25)

Cana House Provincial Christopher Fern said, “This was a great year of competitions! We had some old classics like musical chairs and rochambeau as well as some great new additions like Capture the Flag and Quidditch. I’m looking forward to building on the successes of this year and providing more fun and diverse competitions for next year.”

Many welcomed the Crusader Games, as they provided a gladly received respite from academics and revived a sense of school spirit unseen since the onset of virtual learning.

As Cole Anderson ’22, Student Body President, remarked, “It was a great way to come back from the pandemic and give the school a taste of the full Crusader experience!”

Aside from granting students a well-deserved break from the woes of school, the Crusader Games served as a time for the school to truly unite as four houses under one roof.

“The Crusader Games is about competition, but it is also about building community,” added Benny Willers ’08, Director Student Activities. “It’s a time to come together and share with each other a full range of emotions and moments that we may never forget.”