Students vote for new parliament leadership


Joseph Zuloaga '23

The candidates for the 2022-2023 student body co-president positions are Marcella Fabre ’23, Areeshah Farooq ’23, Edward Macdonald ’23 and Mahkai Hunt ’23. The speeches were delivered on May 20 in Lindland Theatre, and the voting will commence this week.

Addison Hwang '24, Opinion Editor





As the year ends, the school is starting to prepare to head into a new year. With these preparations, come new elections for our school’s student parliament. 

On Friday, May 20, the student parliament elections, voting, and speeches for the 2022-2023 school year began in the theatre. 

House Director Benny Willers ’08 described each candidate giving “a two-minute long speech” followed by students voting which “will take place immediately after.”

Spots for president, spirit captain, and event captain were all open for running. 

This year’s presidents, Cole Anderson ’22 and Christine Zhu ’22, will graduate and leave Riordan. So, the question is, who will be our next student body to help make the “process of carrying out our school events go really smoothly” just as Anderson and Zhu did, as Willers described this past year.

Who will create a fun and exciting year full of activities and a place for students to voice their opinions next?

The students who ran on Friday during R-time for the 2022-2023 elections are Mahkai Hunt, Edward Macdonald, Marcella Fabre, and Areeshah Faron. Additionally, the other student’s including Santino Martinez, Jose Lopez, Elizabeth Savage, Katelyn Leong, Julien Untalan, Nathan Ta, Ja’Leigh Lang, Kaya Manglona, and Daphne Batmale, running for other Parliament positions, gave speeches over telecast in the past week.

These students considering becoming part of the student parliament may be wondering what they should expect, as any of them could be our next student parliament leaders.

Anderson offered advice to the candidates saying, “Set realistic goals for yourself so that you have something to achieve instead of thinking about things that may not happen in the time that you are president. Or another way to approach this is to start new things so that the future can carry them out in case it is something more long term.” 

He added, “Another big thing I noticed this year and tried to do as much as possible was to get student opinion because it matters in everything we do.”

Zhu said, “I think anyone that is willing to contribute to the community, dedicated to providing great care and support for the school, and spend lots of their spare time working, would be a suitable fit.”

 She added, “Being the school president offers so many opportunities to make yourself a better learner, a better leader, and a better human being.”

Next week, our soon to be future parliament leaders will officially be elected.