Fame rains down on up and coming meteorologist

Meteorologist Antonio Maffei has launched a new weather app and published a book.

Antonio Maffei ’20, Meteorologist

Happy almost summer, guys!
Now, on to the weather! Summer is coming up and that means one thing in San Francisco: fog. There will be a lot of fog if you live along the coastal regions, and heat inland, but the AWI Model (My Model) is saying we do have changes for possible June snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the chance of thunderstorms here in the Bay Area!

That model is pretty far out though, so as always, make sure to stay tuned to my social media for more weather updates.

In other news, I have a very exciting announcement for all of you! The announcement of my very own book! My Journey (SO FAR!) of Becoming a Meteorologist opens up a lot about me, as there are things in this book which not even my best friends know, like how a Starbucks barista swearing made me go into weather and so much more!

There are points where you will laugh and cry. Also, in the late spring/early summer, I will be launching Cumulus, which is now in beta testing and is going great. Get ready for instant weather right on your phone, tablet, watch, or smart speaker!

Check Out Antonio’s website here