Bolts electrifies Frosh Olympics with its first win

Gianluca Carboni '24, Staff Reporter

Despite their humiliating defeat in dodgeball during the House Games, Bolts pulled through, beating Russi’s winning streak, and won Riordan’s 2022 Frosh Olympics.

On Sept. 23, Riordan celebrated the first house competition of this school year. In the gym, the semifinal for dodgeball took place, where Bolts lost to Pilar in seconds.

House Director Benny Willers ’08 said, “That was the fastest round of dodgeball I have ever seen.”Pilar continued to get first place in Table Roll and Hungry Hungry Crusader, where non- freshmen competed. The assembly ended with the teachers beating the students in Hungry Hungry Crusader.

Later that day, students and parents came to eat free hot dogs and listen to DJ Club before the games began. In the theater, Willers introduced the four houses and colors with music, and layed out the schedule.

For the next two hours, freshmen played video games in the theater. In the cafeteria, anyone who wanted, competed to get a point for their house in party games monitored by Parliament members. In the gym, freshmen competed in 3×3 basketball, limbo, and the dodgeball finals.

Finally, everyone gathered in the gym where freshmen played musical chairs and freshmen only Hungry Hungry Crusader.

During the closing ceremony, Willers announced, “It almost came down to a tie breaker, but luckily it didn’t. This year’s 2022 Frosh Olympic Champions, and NEW champions, the House of Bolts!”

Cana, Russi, and Pilar came in second, third, and fourth respectively.

Ben Parker ’26 said, “I feel good and proud; I feel really good for our revenge from dodgeball.”

Event Captain Julien Untalan ’24 said, “The Frosh Olympics is an important tradition because it’s the first house competition of the school year, dedicated exclusively for the freshmen. It chiefly served to ignite the spark of life-long friendships and rivalries and most importantly, the hype for the Riordan High School experience.”