Audiences go Wilde for Don’t Worry Darling

One of the most highly anticipated movies of this year, “Don’t Worry Darling,” was released in theaters on Sept. 23. 

The story is centered around Jack and Alice, a couple who are living what they think is their dream life in The Victory Project. Yet, as more dark secrets begin to unravel, Alice starts to question her reality and the true meaning of Victory and its intentions. 

“Don’t Worry Darling” has been a long awaited movie for many people. This film had the audience on the edge of their seats with overwhelming suspense. Fans everywhere can agree the unexpected turn of events seen in the end was a betrayal like no other. 

Grammy-award winning artist Harry Styles and academy-award nominated Florence Pugh embodied the roles of Jack and Alice and brought an illusive sensual mood to the film. Styles’ astounding performance shocked critics as this is only his second major film. Both actors and the rest of the stellar cast put on an unforgettable and thrilling performance. 

The styles, music and the designs flawlessly captured the 1950s. The soundtrack consisted of classic 50s music, and set the tone for each mood of every scene. The music drew attention to major plot points by using upbeat music that contrasted with repeated humming sounds that added tension to the scene.

It was amazing how well put together everything was from the picturesque setting to the hair styling. Each detail was researched, deliberately chosen to fit the characters and their personas. 

Olivia Wilde’s directing and intricate camera work are memorable, and added to the subtle secrets weaved into the film. Many shots were recycled, but used in different ways that were hidden throughout the scene.

Fans and critics have given lots of praise to the story’s plot and characters, however some reviews do not reflect the same reaction. Some users wrote that the plot was overused and predictable, while others praised its uniqueness and its suspenseful story-telling. 

Though thoughts and opinions may differ, this movie is a must-see. Filled with suspense, passion, and deception, you’re bound to fall in love with Victory.