Students debate efficacy of new schedule


Nicolo Ricci ’24, Staff Reporter

Archbishop Riordan, as of the Fall of 2020, runs under a unique system, the Block Schedule. It features two semesters, each with their own individual class line-ups. 

This means that students start and finish the entirety of up to four subjects in a semester, then start a new set of up to four the next semester. This system, while unorthodox, has meant a world of change for Riordan students, many of which are great.

In my experience, only having four classes at a time has made for a major decrease in stress both at home and at school. Only having to worry about a few subjects makes remembering due dates and homework way easier. The amount of missing assignments I have now versus at my last school couldn’t be further apart.

The Block Schedule has also done a lot for my focus. Being able to hone fully in on just four subjects rather than dividing my brain between eight has worked wonders for me. On top of that, being able to see all of your teachers every single day gives me tons of time to work through my problem areas with them.

This schedule has been one of my favorite parts of attending Riordan and I hope it sticks around.