Democracy battles against dictatorship in several nations

Jake Beeman ’24, Staff Reporter

Around the globe, Democracy seems to be dwindling against the forces of dictatorship and tyranny. 

The most pertinent example of this trend in recent times is the 2021 Myanmar Coup, in which the standing president was overthrown and usurped by General Min Aung Hlaing, leader of the nation’s military, whom according to the BBC has been involved in various violent suppressions of human rights groups. 

A tide of tyranny has descended upon other nations, not only in Myanmar but in Mali, Tunisia, Guinea, and Burkina Faso. It is the obligation, both national and moral, of the United States to intervene in these matters in the name of democracy, whether through funding and support, or direct military action. 

The United States is a nation founded upon the fundamental struggle of democracy against tyrannical forces, and it is our moral prerogative thereof to support such struggles abroad in current times.

  Furthermore, through support of pro-democracy insurgencies, the foundations are laid for nations friendly to both Democratic values, and the United States, allowing the international interests of the US to be furthered against our international opponents. If the US does not promptly move to support these groups, they may falter, leaving their nations to desolate tyranny and the influence of those contemptible powers that support it.