SF to make Giant moves in offseason


The Giants this season finished with a record of 81-81.

Aiden Pavon'25

The San Francisco Giants have had a season nothing short of disappointing. After coming off a record-breaking 107-win season, the Giants seemed to have lost their magic. 

With many key players regressing, and three-time world champion and 7-time all-star Buster Posey leaving, the Giants were stuck with a very underwhelming roster. 

The Giants’ front office is very disappointed in this season and had some words to say about it. Greg Johnson, the chairman of the board of directions said, “Obviously, we’re all disappointed in this season and the regression from the progress we’ve been making.” 

He continues, “The reality is we had everything go right last year. Even when we had injuries, it seemed like whenever we brought someone up, it was the perfect time and that person hit the ground running. It’s been a little tougher this year, and it’s hard to explain. As we know, bullpens have great years and then they have poor years. For relief pitchers, it’s very difficult to have that consistency, and we just haven’t had that consistency.”

Due to the disappointing season, the president of baseball operations for Giants Farhan Zaidi said it would be a big offseason for the organization. Zaidi stated the following to reporters after a Wilmer Flores contract extension, “We always felt last offseason and this offseason would be big for us in terms of shaping the future of the club and what the roster looks like, and that continues to be the case.” 

He proceeds, “It’s going to be a big offseason for us. We do have payroll room because we are a big market and we have contracts that are ending. There will be a lot of good options for us. We are not going to zero in on any one, whether it’s free agency or trade.”

In regards to which free agent the Giants should sign, Andres Roca ‘25 stated, “Of course, Aaron Judge is going to be the biggest free agent that all 30 teams would love to have, and especially with Aaron Judge’s Bay Area roots, I would love to see him sign here during the offseason.”