Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on Florida’s coast


provided by Naomi Lin ’24

Hurricane Ian slammed Florida’s coast last month, leaving more than 100 people dead and some 40,000 displaced.

Hazel Nagata-Rampata ’26, Staff Reporter

In 2018, Florida was devastated by a Category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Michael. Now in 2022, Florida is being struck by Hurricane Ian after it hit Cuba and devastated millions. 

Formed over the central Caribbean sea on Friday, September 23rd, this hurricane dodged the Cayman Islands. It hit Cuba early in the morning on September 27th as a Category 3 storm. On September 28th, Ian struck the southwestern coast of Florida with winds sustaining over 150 mph. 

This hurricane is now the sixth major hurricane to hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in the last six years. The results and numbers of Hurricane Ian are shocking; 21.16 inches of rain, 940 millibars of landfall pressure, and over 12 feet of storm surges.

Hurricane Ian had been declared a Category 4 hurricane with over 150 mph winds alongside over 180 mph gusts, making it a major hurricane according to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). 

At least 40,600 people have been displaced and over 106 people have died. In Lee County alone, at least 55 people have died. 

Thankfully, Hurricane Ian has begun dissipating, but its effects will not. People throughout Cuba, Florida, and parts of South Carolina are left without houses and safe places to sleep. 

Please keep the people affected by this hurricane in mind, and, if you are able, donate to organizations like the Red Cross and Save the Children to help other people in need.