Riordan enters new phase of construction


Joseph Zuloaga '23

Construction workers can be spotted atop Riordan, working to install a new roof.

Ethan Vargas ‘23, Staff Reporter

An assortment of renovations were underway this summer on Riordan’s campus. Some major, some minor, yet all important changes to the campus and the community. 

Students began the new school year with redesigned bathrooms, fully operational and well worth the wait.           

Luke Zuromski ’23 has experienced the before and after of the bathrooms and feels grateful to have new, clean bathrooms to start off the school year. 

“The old bathrooms were becoming too out-dated, and it was definitely time for an upgrade,”  he said. 

He went on to say, “And with more girls joining the school, it only makes sense to have new bathroom facilities built for the growing student population.”    

Brandon Ramsey, Director of Facilities, says there have been lots of accomplishments from renovation work this summer. “The entire renovation included not only upgrades to 11 restrooms, but the Annex classroom (mat room) was also upgraded with new floors, curtains and paint. Some cafeteria repairs were also made, as well as safety upgrades with the fire lane exit doors and band room exit hallway.”

He stated, “Electrical work, new glazing to skylights, and new copper hoods were also done to the roof.”

Along with these renovations, an apparent change is that the juniper bushes in Mary’s courtyard in the middle of the school were removed, giving the courtyard a more “clean” and “modern” look. 

There are already plans for upcoming projects. Ramsey said, “Next summer we are looking at redesigning the library, finishing classroom renovations, and working on the cafeteria and courtyard.” 

These renovations will definitely serve generations of students for years to come.