New bus rolls onto campus


Jameson Datoc '23

Student athletes will now travel to competitions on a new bus.

Rhys Appleby '24, Staff Reporter

Last school year, for the first time since 1992, Archbishop Riordan bought its sports teams a brand new school bus. Because of the age of the old bus, the administration decided that it would be best for the school and for the student athletes to purchase a new bus. 

According to Athletic Director Bob Greene, this bus will last for, “20, 25 years.”

Even though the old bus was still running, it was getting old; however, there is another aspect to the new purchase. 

 “The bus, and the field, all of it kinda works together,” Greene said, “to bring in a new era for our school.”

  For the athletes, of which there are many, the new bus signifies the school putting in the effort, just like these athletes, to upgrade the sports teams here. 

 “It feels amazing,” said Tre Aquino ’23, “because the coaches actually care about developing the player and trying to win games.”

The athletes at Riordan have lots to look forward to, with the new facilities, new bus, and a new generation of players and coaches. Along with these upsides, having a nice bus can make a difference in the way the athletes play. 

 Aquino remarked, “Being comfortable on the bus to a game is great.”

 All in all, this year is shaping up to be a solid, successful year for Riordan athletics.