Teachers craft array of new courses


Students in the new San Francisco Stories class, an English course for seniors, enjoyed fortune cookies, which have their origins in the City.

Bo Wyatt '24, Staff Reporter

Archbishop Riordan, following the pandemic, decided to add several new courses, including Psychology, AP Calculus, Frosh Wellness and two senior English classes–San Francisco Stories and California Dreamin’–to help create a more engaging on-campus environment, with classes that appeal to students’ interests. 

Michael L.Vezzali-Pascual ’88, who teaches California Dreamin, said of the new classes, “It gave us a chance to expand our senior level offerings and perhaps give them a taste of what college will be like by providing more choices on a variety of subjects.” 

This decision, made through a grant process, was enacted to alleviate many of the difficulties that have ensued in-person learning. 

Along with an increase in tardiness, and absences, teachers saw disengagement with their classes, and noticed that students seemed uninterested in many course topics. 

Therefore, to enable more activity in the classroom, Riordan established various nontraditional and attractive class options. 

Mirella Bratessani ’24 stated, “I’m glad that Riordan is trying to make more interesting classes because it helps the days feel less long.” 

Additionally, last year, Riordan added Human Body Systems, Math for Business, and Sports and Theory. 

Overall, these courses’ purpose is to allow students to deeply dive into an interesting topic they have passion for, and develop their knowledge in this field, which will help to create an engaging and enjoyable school day.