New clubs create community on campus


Joseph Zuloaga '23

Santino Martinez ’24, Spirit Captain, uses a giant megaphone to encourage students to join the Spirit Club.

Haley Hang '25, Staff Reporter

Whether it’s art and drama, or food and music, students are able to bond over shared interests and collaborate, connecting the Riordan community. This year, students have decided to add a variety of new and unique clubs, furthermore developing a collection of ideas that have not yet been introduced. 

Including Speech and Debate, Craft Club, Spirit Club, T.E.A. Club (Tea Enthusiast Association), Fab Lab, Riordan Cycling, and Jewish Heritage, these fresh takes on ideas bring additional culture and innovation to the school. 

According to some of these leaders and founders, the inspiration came from wanting to broaden the assortment of activities on campus. “Speech and debate is an incredible activity that gives you skill sets applicable in every aspect of life, such as research, confidence, and critical thinking. I think everybody should have the chance to experience it,” explained Alex Jia ’25. 

Each and every club consists of ways that students can grow academically and socially due to the diverse selection of activities and purposes the groups contain. 

Through the T.E.A. Club, members can learn about the history and culture of the favored beverage, with the Spirit Club, Riordan’s cheer roars louder than ever before, in Jewish Heritage, students can lead back to their roots and ancestral history, through Fab Lab students bring out their intellectual thinking through the means of 3D printing and constructing with the parts created to make something new, inside the Craft Club, creativity and exploration fill students’ minds, and in Riordan Cycling, participants are able to repair their bikes and attend in races around San Francisco.

Based on this year’s new clubs, Riordan’s future is looking forward to more captivating ideas from the many students at Archbishop Riordan. “I believe [these clubs] make Riordan a place where everyone has something that they want to participate in,” Lexie Neil ’25 of the T.E.A. Club stated.