When should Christmas celebrations commence? November

Hazel Nagata-Rampata ’26, Staff Reporter

Every Who in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, so much so that they celebrate it before it even starts! Nevertheless, some in San Francisco feel the same as well. So, what makes Christmas so special that we feel the need to start the season in November? 

Spanish Instructor Armando Castillo said, “For a short period of time, people want to get together and hang out. Spending time with each other is the special part of Christmas. This season of the year gets people in a holiday-type of mood.”

He added, “We’re only here for a few weeks! The kids like it; taking photos, posing for Instagram with the decorations, it makes students excited and happy. The classroom turns into a fun environment with the decorations.” 

We should all be thankful for our loved ones and those who we spend time with. The beauty of this season is something that we can all share good memories about, even when it comes to simple things like the small decor.

Christmas is about family, spending time with those you may not see often, or maybe all the time. During the holidays, it can feel a lot easier to realize what you have to be thankful for. The togetherness of sitting next to close-ones opening gifts, or even talking about the surrounding decorations is something that we don’t get to experience often. 

As The Grinch said, “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”