When should Christmas celebrations commence? December

Areeshah Farooq ’23, Features Editor

Although there may be controversy on the right time of the year to begin hanging up stockings, decorating Christmas trees, and filling the house with a sweet cinnamon scent, there really is only one answer. The month of December.

“I start celebrating Christmas after Thanksgiving,” because “I think thanksgiving should have a month to itself,” said Scarlett Borges ’24. 

As a national holiday, Thanksgiving deserves the month of November for celebration and so customarily December should be for Christmas.

Although some aspects of decoration preparation, such as tree buying, are commonly done during Thanksgiving to get better deals on pricey items, most people celebrate during December. 

The two weeks before Christmas Day are plenty of time to get into a jolly mood for celebration. Besides, two months of listening to Mariah Carey week after week may cause you to lose interest. 

“I really like “Santa Tell Me.” It’s my favorite Christmas song I listen to every Christmas,” Jaqueline Bartholomew ’23 added.

No matter what your opinion is though, Christmas will always be the time of year everyone looks forward to. 

“I like Christmas because it symbolizes the end of the year and it gives you a long break. I like looking forward to it every year,” Bartholow adds. 

Regardless of our opinions as to when to celebrate, many can agree Christmas brings about a time of joy everyone looks forward to at the end of the year.