Search for The Grail ends with revival of lit mag


Jameson Datoc '23

Past issues of The Grail, pre COVID period: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

India Bowles '23, Staff Reporter

Archbishop Riordan’s Literary magazine, The Grail, will be revived from pre-Covid times this April. The bounce back comes three years after the last issue was published online in 2020 and four years after the last printed issue in 2019. 

Michaell Vezzali-Pascual ’88, AP Literature teacher and The Grail moderator, hopes to oversee a platform that will allow students to “develop their writing skills and create a culture of excellence around writing and creative expression.” 

He also emphasizes the importance of The Grail being a printed, paper book. The sharing of art and literature reminds us of the “transformative power of human curiosity and imaginative thinking, one that can never be replaced by AI or bots.” 

Vezzali looks forward to seeing The Grail, a Riordan tradition, flourish with “talented students who are willing to take huge risks and make themselves vulnerable at the highest levels of creative engagement.” 

Catherine Hansen ’25, a journalism student, said she is interested in publishing short stories in The Grail because it would give her “a sense of accomplishment” and take advantage of an opportunity that not many students have access to. 

Nataly Neves ’23, a former AP Lit student, said she may find​​ The Grail to be a “safe space” where she can express her creativity. “Photography is one of my biggest passions and having the opportunity to share it with others would be a dream come true.”

Crusaders from all grades will once again have the opportunity to unleash their written and artistic creativity in Archbishop Riordan’s literary magazine The Grail. 

Submissions are due March 31, and directions as to how to submit work will be announced during R-Time in the coming weeks.