Annual crab feed resurfaces after three year hiatus


Joseph Zuloaga '23

Gathering in the crusader forum, guests enjoy bowls of crab

Aiden Pavon '25, Staff Reporter

On Jan. 21, Riordan hosted its first annual Crab Feed in three years after having complications due to restrictions from Covid-19 virus. Despite the hiatus of the 2021 and 2022 Crab Feed, tickets for the event sold out in a record time of 48 hours. 

Run by the director of the event, Rhona O’Flynn-Hoelsken, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni were invited to enjoy a delightful evening full of beverages, crustaceans, and fun.

The event featured 33 student volunteers to bus and serve tables, including Joseph Zuloaga ’23, who believed the event had a great atmosphere and was good for everyone to enjoy. 

Zuloaga stated, “I feel great. It was a great atmosphere. At first it was stressful because the kitchen was backed up with all the food, but it got to a smooth flow.” 

He continued. “I’ve made a really good connection with them, and it’s a good event for everyone”

Director of the Crab Feed, O’Flynn-Hoelsken believed that the event was a smashing success. She stated, “This year’s Crab Feed was the largest attended Crab Feed in recent years. We made roughly $15,700. Unfortunately due to increased costs from food to security to kitchen staff that cut into our budget but overall I still think we did quite well.” 

She continued,  “I think the Crab Feed went very well and guests were excited to be back for an in person event especially on campus.  Overall, I think it was a huge success!  Being behind the scenes I see what could have been changed or done differently, but the feedback from the guests has been very positive, so overall a smashing success!”