Brave students needed to enhance school spirit


Joseph Zuloaga ’23

“Four Houses under One Roof” is the spirited theme that unites Riordan.

The Crusader Staff, Editorial Board

School spirit is something that builds community and pride and can be defined as something that can make us proud of our school. 

When you imagine “school spirit,” what do you see? Is it face paint, school logos on t-shirts, and cheers like the scenes you see on TV? For us, that is the main image of Riordan’s “school spirit,” and it can be uplifting for some, but it can also be scary for some students to participate in. 

School rallies are a good example where you can easily see how being put in the spotlight scares some people. Events like a student versus teacher basketball game put students front and center and on display for the whole school. If you mess up, everyone will see it. As a result, we believe that some students are anxious about participating in school rallies or events due to embarrassment. 

Being afraid to get out of your comfort zone is a familiar experience to many people, making it hard for some to spread the pride they have for their school. Simple things like clubs and sports are places that may take a bit of courage to start speaking out in. However, the new friendships built with club members or teammates is a result of that courage.  

Though it’s hard, pushing yourself to take that big leap outside of your comfort zones can motivate you to get out there in public more often. 

It isn’t just about being happy at the school you attend, but what you can contribute to Riordan. Activities like student parliament focus on uplifting the school spirit by creating events and focusing on getting students involved with the school’s community. By joining a group, you have the potential to step out of your comfort zone, becoming stronger as you step up to take the lead. 

The people you surround yourself with in places that help you become a better person can also help you become more ambitious. This will help you to strive toward volunteering for events that need a leader. 

School spirit isn’t just about getting a new opportunity to meet new people, it’s also about supporting athletes and other students. Supporting them can have positive impacts by boosting their motivation and confidence when they know that someone believes in them. The feeling of knowing someone values you can leave you with a sense of belonging. This feeling of belonging with a community of people creates a bond between students in the school environment. 

Studies from Panorama Education show that having a sense of belonging helps students by becoming more engaged, achieving more academically, and reducing behavioral incidents at school. The school climate we create not only impacts the school’s reputation, but the students themselves both emotionally and academically.

  School spirit is not just rallies like those on TV; it is a concept of community, togetherness, and bravery.