Mediterranean meals make mighty impressions



Jameson Datoc '23

Marza’s Shawarma plate consists of roasted steak shawarma, Mediterranean rice, tzatziki, and house pickles with pita bread.

Jameson Datoc '23, Photo Editor

If you are craving imaginative food with no borders, food that is created with love, and food rooted with tradition, you will find all three in a bustling family business in San Bruno called Mazra.

When entering Mazra it gives off a comfy family atmosphere with flower arrangements hanging from the roof and art displayed on the walls. But what’s more impressive is their menu. From traditional wood fired kebabs to the endless choices of shawarmas they have anything and everything a person craving for Mediterranean food would ask for.

Famished from the aroma of spices and the sight of the colorful Mezzas, I decided to order a Shawarma plate, which consisted of slow roasted steak shawarma, Mediterranean rice, tzatziki, house pickles and of course pita bread.

When it arrived it screamed with different pigments of colors and as I took the first bite I felt as if I was transported to the Mediterranean Sea. The house pickles pierced my tongue like a javelin with its picante flavors but the velvety cooling tzatziki with pita bread held the line against the fierce pickles. The silk touch of the rice danced in my mouth as the steak was like a Trojan horse surprising me with a succulent texture with a lush ambrosian flavors.

As I finished my plate I was transported back to the reality of an empty dish and a full stomach. I give my full acknowledgment to the chiefs and definitely recommend anyone craving Mediterranean food to come and take it easy Habibi, because food made from Mazra, is made with love.