Pilar Dodges Their Way Towards a Rally Sweep

House of Pilar celebrates their sweep of the rally

Steven Rissotto '20, Sports Editor

Archbishop Riordan High School students packed Kevin Restani Court, creating an electric atmosphere for the first rally of the 2018-2019 school year and second in the House System era.


The Riordan Band and D.J. Club electrified the crowd, playing their favorite songs and beats. Student Activities Coordinator Joey Klobas ‘07 hosted the event alongside Vice Captain of spirit Cheyne Fernandez ‘20.


The first event was a dodgeball game between House of Pilar and House of Cana. The two championship teams were decided during an Oct. 17 tournament during lunch. Cana fell behind quickly, as a number of them were eliminated within seconds. The last out was courtesy of Matt Yeung ‘19, who performed a sneak attack on the last member of Cana after he threw that ball.


Next, Associate Athletic Director Bob Greene introduced the Varsity Football team. After they broke hard through a banner, the crowd was reminded to attend the night’s game at Kezar Stadium against Sacred Heart Cathedral.


The food relay started shortly after, as each house had two members stuff their face in a whipped cream pie, collect ten hidden gummy bears, and switch with a partner to eat donuts off a hanging string. Pilar, again, won the competition.


Cross Country coach Benny Willers ‘08, introduced the Cross Country team, which also found their way breaking through a banner. One by one they were named, receiving ovations from the loud crowd.


The final game was musical chairs, featuring four teachers from each house. Pilar’s Provincial Stephanie Lundin and Ryan Jones teamed up against Russi’s Provincial Valarie O’Riordan. Jones quickly swept in, and took the last seat from O’Riordan, securing the rally sweep for Pilar.


The finale featured School Captain Patrick O’Brien ‘19, who announced the spirit week and current overall house standings. House of Bolts and House of Russi finished the day in last and fourth place. Making the jump from last to second place was Pilar, after the exceptional day. House of Cana remained in first place.