New scoreboard ushers in Mayer Family Field


Steven Rissotto '20

The Mayer Family Field has a new scoreboard, named in honor of Martin Wassmer ’84.

Danilo Herger '20, Health and Technology Editor

A new basketball court, a new football field, and now a new scoreboard. Riordan is going all in, after renovations have been put in place to fix the old scoreboard.

Issues such as turning on routinely and having a bright display in harsh weather like fog were major concerns that factored in when it was time to make the decision to replace it.

Many see this as a new chapter, now with a functioning scoreboard and a new field coming soon, Riordan can compete with all WCAL teams, especially with a home field advantage.

Julian Molina Lopez ‘20 thinks the scoreboard will give Riordan a huge advantage. “We can see the score and find out if we need to make a final push or make sure a run doesn’t score.”

The scoreboard is multifunctional, being able to keep score for both baseball and football. The location of the scoreboard has not changed, and it is still in center field from the baseball field and the far end zone from the football field.

The scoreboard is named after the late Martin Wassmer ’84, who played baseball at Riordan and was a strong supporter of the baseball team after graduation.

Before, the score would need to be done by hand in baseball and football games were not played at home. Now, sports teams can take pride in not only sports, but Riordan as a whole.