Lacrosse team slings its way to winning record


Alex Hsing ’21

Jared Lindenmuth ’19 (left) and Alonzo Ball ’21 prepare to score.

Steven Elsner ’20, Staff Writer

The lacrosse team has been playing well this season, with a a record of 5 wins and 5 losses, which include wins against Washington in Fremont, and Hillsdale. It has been a better season for the lacrosse team this year.

The team has played fewer games this year than they did last year. The Crusaders started the season of with a 0-2 loss versus Bay School. Then the Crusaders went on a two game winning streak then a four game losing streak. The lacrosse team has won their last two against Washington in San Francisco and Latino Prep.

The coach of the lacrosse team is Coach Brooks. He has been the coach for the last five years, but thinks the program started two or three years before he took over.

He used to coach in the Denver metro area, moved out here, and saw that Riordan needed a coach. He understands how competitive lacrosse is in the Bay Area.

Lacrosse has been one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. Since not many varsity sports offer much playing time, if a player is willing to put in the work and learn how to play the sport, he has a good chanceto see some action on the field.

The lacrosse team has never had a home game this year and lacrosse Coach Brooks Thoroughgood said, “Up to this point, we have only had away games. Since we don’t have afield, we have to play at everyone else’s stadium.”

He added, “It has been very difficult over the years because these players have consistently had to rely on their teammates to be their biggest fans. Next year I am hoping to have a few home games on our new field which should change the amount of fans we have. We do have some parents join us for our away games and that is a true blessing.”