Gassner goes for the gold in fencing competitions

Ethan Gassner ’20 celebrates a win at a recent fencing competition.

Heidi Gassner

Ethan Gassner ’20 celebrates a win at a recent fencing competition.

Jamar Kittling ’20, Staff Writer

When the school year started, Ethan Gassner ’20 already had some impressive accomplishments on his fencing record. Training since childhood and professionally competing since the early age of 10, Gassner won numerous awards in 2018 at the Bratislava World Cup, Pan American World Cup, and Junior Olympics.

This year, he continued to add to these achievements.

In December 2018, Gassner competed at a Division 1 NAC December national championship, which hosts college as well as Olympic athletes. He got bronze, placing third and ranking next to an Olympian.

Gassner said that the key to good fencing is keeping it simple. “… some advice I would give to people starting fencing is to get your basics down and to keep things simple. Fencing is a very in the moment kind of sport so if you think too much during the match ,you can get caught up in continues to lead him toward an action or create openings.”

This basic approach to fencing success.

Another facet of fencing is the worldly experience gained. Gassner elaborates on how there is more obtained from the sport than meets the eye.

“I’ve met some of my best friends though fencing, I have gotten to meet many great coaches and have gained great connections,” he said. “What I enjoy most about fencing is the travel. I’ve gotten to meet a lot different types of people around the world through travel and have learned about many different cultures.”

This year, he got ninth place at the Junior World Cup in Lezno, Poland, his career best finish. In addition, he was on the USA team that earned gold in Bogota, Columbia. Along with his Cadet Junior Olympic Gold medal, he qualified for three of the Junior World Cup tournaments.

Fencing did present some challenges for Gassner. Multiple knee injuries and pains from the sport may affect his performance.

Nevertheless, Gassner shows no signs of slowing down, as just this past spring break he got eighth place in the Division 1 NAC April National Championships.

As the end of the school year and summer approach, Gassner will continue on to the next competition.