Peregrino pursues passion at Georgetown

Roman Peregrino ’18 (right) with friends at Georgetown.

Roman Peregrino ’18

Roman Peregrino ’18 (right) with friends at Georgetown.

Eddie Monares ’19, Social Media Editor

Former Editor-in-Chief and first School Captain in the House System, Roman Peregrino ’18, graduated just last year and is already making waves in college.

Peregrino was accepted to Georgetown University, and knew instantly he wanted to continue working in journalism. Peregrino said, “One of the first clubs that I joined at Georgetown was The Georgetown Voice. After being a member of The Crusader throughout high school, I decided that I wanted to keep up one of my passions, journalism, into college, so, I joined the Voice’s news team.”

Peregrino quickly climbed the ranks as part of the Voice, and is currently assistant news editor. Although Peregrino mostly covers news and features, the Voice gave him the opportunity to branch out and cover a Georgetown vs Liberty basketball game. Peregrino said, “The sports leadership are very willing to bring new writers into the fold and give us opportunities.”

Being former Editor-in-Chief and covering various events in his time at Riordan, Peregrino was more than equipped to cover a college basketball game. Peregrino said, “At Riordan, Mr. Rassam invited me to commentate several of the basketball games, so I knew how to keep up with the action. Outside of Riordan, I worked for Prep2Prep Sports for several months, which helped me learn how to write recaps and handle interviews with coaches.”

Rassam ’87 said, “I noticed Roman enjoyed new challenges, so I asked him if he would like to move from running the camera or board at the basketball games to being a color analyst. While he seemed nervous, his answer was, ‘Sure why not? Let’s give it a try.’ I would love to see more students show that kind of drive and willingness to go beyond what is comfortable.”