New athletics website vaults into action


Christian Ramirez Cortes ’22, Staff Reporter

Jay’Sen Morris and Bob Greene, the athletic directors at Archbishop Riordan High School, created a new athletics website for the school that was introduced for the 2019-2020 season.

The new Riordan athletics website is in partnership with RepU, a platform mainly used for high school athletic departments, which allows for the growth and promotion of the school’s athletic department and for teams to engage with their fans.

Greene said, “The thing about RepU that’s nice is that it’s very clean, very efficient, and you have the mobile concept, which I think is a big element. The mobile piece, the app, I think is really the key and that’s really why it’s such a step forward for us.”

The previous Archbishop Riordan High School athletics website was hard to manage behind the scenes and difficult for the athlete, student, or parent to find content.

Although it did have many good features, they were not very useful for Riordan athletics as the main goal for Riordan was to have a user-friendly website where anyone could find anything they needed.

This previous athletics website also did not include an app or mobile form of viewing, meaning that there could be no alerts or push notifications sent out to fans, which is something that the new athletics website is well known for. Morris really pushed the idea of creating a new athletics website and showed great passion for it. The Riordan staff, students, and athletes have various opinions on the new website, which vary between positive and negative. On the positive side, the new athletics website can be updated quickly, meaning that there will be live scores, news, rosters, and even pictures from previous games.

Alejandro Ovando ’21, varsity tennis athlete, said, “I think that with the new website, everything is easier to find and I can see what I need.”

The athletics website works fast, as it is capable of sending out notifications regarding game results or any major news right away. It features live updates on items such as game results, rosters, and even in-game photographs.

Morris said, “Now we get instant results and rosters are readily available. You don’t have to go to another website or anything. It’s just an all-new improved look.”

The future of the new Riordan athletics website holds many improvements and additions that will benefit the viewers and fans. There are several features on the website still available that will be used moving forward.

Greene explained, “At this point, it’s going to be more about how we use the features that are available to us on the site more than the site doing anything for us.”