Young talent revitalizes Warriors in new home


With the loss of key players to injury, the Warriors are experiencing a revitalizing year in their new San Francisco home at Chase Center.

Cameron Bevan-Abel ’22, Sports Editor

The Warriors have struggled to start the 2019-2020 season to say the least. Most fans switch the channel on them or are just waiting to watch them until they get their star players back next season. Just because they aren’t winning as many games as usual and only have one remaining starter healthy on the team from the previous season does not necessarily mean that they are playing unwatchable basketball. This season is not a rebuilding one for the team, but a revitalization for the bench. The Warriors are getting back to their 2015-2016, 73-9 form. This may sound crazy, but with Stephen Curry back in the second half of the season, Klay Thompson the next season, and D’Angelo Russell recovering from a thumb injury and three seasons left on his contract after this one, as well as with the hardest worker on the team, Draymond Green, the stars are still in place.

Though not all of them are healthy and playing right now, all of the up and coming players like Eric Paschall, Ky Bowman, Marquese Chriss, Damion Lee, Jordan Poole, Glenn Robinson III, and Omari Spellman are surely helping the cause and the future. With players like these getting good playing time and solid production now, the Warriors are set for the coming years once the stars are all back and healthy, leading the team to playoff runs. It is sad to have a season like this from a team that has dominated all decade long with five consecutive finals appearances, but it is a season that had to happen.

Without this season, the Warriors would be a team without a developed bench and the dynasty would surely slowly come to an end. The bench for the 2020-2021 Warriors is looking like the famed bench they once had the first two seasons they made it to the NBA Finals with playmakers such as veterans Marreese Speights, Leandro Barbosa, Shaun Livingston and of course, beloved 2015 NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala.

These future supporting players of this championship contender of future seasons have stepped up in big games without the electrifying Splash Brothers this year.

In a game against the top ranked Celtics, the 2-11 Warriors played their guts out and competed to the end even though losing by five.

This team has heart and nothing fazes them whatsoever. Most rosters with the lack of experienced and healthy players choke under pressure and do not end up competing with many teams, and although their record does not show it, these rookies and washed up and unwanted veterans have made names for themselves and are gratefully appreciated by the Warrior Faithful.