Jamar’s Judgement (Pro)

Jamar Kittling '20, News Editor

The Archbishop Riordan community has been in tumult with the recent announcement that the school is accepting female students this coming fall. In such a decision, two things are in dire jeopardy: the long-standing legacy that Riordan has as San Francisco’s oldest and only all boy’s Catholic school, and the unique sense of Brotherhood that Riordan fosters and culminates.

Because of this, many are in staunch opposition. Yet, infighting for these intangible values, we forget about the characteristics and mission that Riordan strives to achieve as a Marianist institution. It is imperative to recognize that Riordan going coed is an unavoidable outcome for its survival, and that doing so next year would be the most opportune time. Catholic school enrollment is in a severe decline. As numbers continue to drop, Riordan is shown to be in extreme danger in a few years if something is not done.

With this upcoming crisis and the unfortunate closing of Mercy High School, opening up Riordan to those left by Mercy’s closing, and therefore to the female population, is by far the most surefire and feasible way to ensure a smooth transition and Riordan’s future. Any hesitation in action may lead to a school unprepared to adapt.

To advocate for continual single- gender education is to advocate for Riordan’s closure, robbing many students, boys and girls alike, of a quality education. Our desire to maintain our image and legacy is superseded by Riordan’s mission to educate in a family spirit. Our need to “hang with the boys” is superseded by Riordan’s mission to educate for adaptation and change.

Of all of the characteristics that define Riordan, it is primarily a school founded in the Marianist tradition with a duty to educate and serve. We as a communitymust not selfishly cling to thepast in order to secure a future for others and a future for Riordan itself.