Crusaders go fishing for sushi

The Crusader Staff

Review by Noah David ’22:

Located at 270 Potrero Avenue in San Francisco is a casual Japanese restaurant called I Luv Teriyaki and Sushi. This homey establishment takes great pride in its food, and specializes in its name, delicious sushi rolls and teriyaki dishes.

I arrived around dinnertime, when it was getting crowded. Upon entering, I immediately felt welcomed and appreciated, as I received greetings and smiles from the workers. The rst roll I tried was the Ruby Roll, salmon, crab, avocado, and cucumber bundled around a blanket of white rice, seaweed, and ebi. Upon the rst bite, I was met with delicious crab and thick salmon, which is complemented by the smooth avocado, crunchy cucumber, and soft rice.

The next dish I tried was their chicken katsu, which was tender and juicy, and enhanced by their homemade sauce. Along with a side of rice, this combination is unbeatable, and is an easy choice for everyone.

The last roll I tried was the Mia roll, and was arguably the highlight of my meal. Topped with assorted fresh fish, this roll was easily complimented with its fresh crab meat and shrimp tempura, and gave me wonderful tastes from everywhere.

With dishes ranging anywhere between $8 to 14, patrons are truly paying for a high quality, exquisite experience. From the pleasant workers to the enjoyable food, I would highly recommend I Luv Teriyaki and Sushi to everyone, from sushi enthusiasts to simple eaters.


Review from Nathan Loeffler Malatesta ’23

Uoyakutei, a Japanese restaurant in Pacifica, has been in business for only a few years, yet has made a name for itself throughout the community. The restaurant features a multitude of entrees varying from sh tacos to veggie gyoza, with every type of sushi in between. They have many sushi plates and assortments, but I chose to be simple and ordered the most popular platter, the California, with the fish sashimi.

The service was excellent as it only took around 15 minutes to get our food. I enjoyed the sushi, as it was one of the best-made rolls I have ever had, due in part to the delicious crab, the delightful rice, and the fresh, vibrant colored fish that exploded with rich, juicy avor.

Out of five stars, Uoyakutei earns four and a half stars. The California platter with the fish sashimi costs $36.95.


Review by Anthony Wierzba ’23

Located in the Westlake Shopping Center is an outstanding restaurant known as Spiral Japanese Cuisine.

After looking at the variety of options of different types of sushi that this restaurant made, I decided to order the Flower Maki Roll, which had: tempura shrimp, imitation crab, avocado, and an unagi sauce, which has green and light brown colors in the middle with brown sauce drizzled over it all. This amazing roll was cooked to perfection with a blast of flavor as you bite into it, and different textures from the cooked Tempura Shrimp and imitation Crab.

Another roll that came right after we were done with the Flower Maki Roll was the Spider Maki Roll. This roll had soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, sesame, and tobiko, with a bundle of greens surrounded by the rice and drizzled with sauce through the roll. This roll hits you with multiple flavors that meld into a perfect combination to what makes this Spider Roll. What particularly sticks out is the cucumber and soft shell crab because they’re so different, yet they mix well together.

Their basic rolls can cost as low as $7.00, but their special rolls can cost as high as $18.00. This amazing restaurant gets four and a half out of five stars because of the great service, generous workers, and quick food service.