Riordan’s two-member swim team dives under the radar


Jordan Noeuku , Staff Reporter

Increasing opportunities arise as Riordan High School increases extracurricular activity opportunities, enabling students to be involved in the community while bonding with their friends and classmates. With the introduction of the swimming club this spring, students found a new way to be involved and learn new skills.

Julián Moll ’21, the captain of the team, said, “Swimming, to me, has always seemed relaxing and somewhat of a stress reliever. I’ve enjoyed competitive swimming since I was around 10 years old, but I stopped swimming freshman year since Riordan didn’t offer swimming as a team sport.”

Moll added, “However, at the beginning of my junior year, I decided to speak with the Athletic Director about letting me swim competitively for Riordan and that’s how this club started. Mercy SF had a swim team and due to their closure, there is talk of a Riordan swim team next year.”

He also said, “The club doesn’t practice together. We actually practice with our private club

teams, which are away from school. I can’t speak for the other members of the club, but I practice five days a week for two hours. For competitions, I would attend the meets with the SHC team. Meaning, I would follow their schedule and go to their competitions against other teams. I’ve only had one competition so far and it was SHC vs. Bellarmine. However, I was placed in some of the varsity events for Riordan.”

Moll said, “What I’m most thrilled for is the possibility of transforming this club into a team next year.”

Dean of Student Affairs Brian Kelly said, “We will have a swim team next year (men’s and women’s). We currently have two swimmers on our team and we partner with the SHC Swim Program where our swimmers practice with the Irish.”

He added, “We will welcome more swimmers to come out next year.  If our numbers grow to the point where we outgrow our partnership with SHC, we will explore hiring our own coach and look for a pool to practice in.”

Kyle Xiao ’23 said, “I joined the swim club because my sister, Krystal Xiao-Rao, participates in SI’s Women’s Swimming. She encouraged me to partake in high school swimming.”

“So far, I have had only one meet and it was so much fun. It was against Bellarmine and SHC. I swam the 100 Back and 200 IM. They were both off my personal best times. It was also fun that I got to see my club teammate who goes to SHC.

It’s sad that the season was so short because it would’ve been awesome.”

He added, “As a freshman, this is my first year swimming for the Riordan Swim Team, but I currently swim competitively year-round at the Olympic Club. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, the season has been canceled.  The high school meets are   different from club meets. They are way more exciting and you’re racing your heart out for the Crusaders.  I hope that I get the opportunity to continue the swim club next year.”