Sole senior on lacrosse team exemplifies leadership


Connor Rapier ’20 was a leader for the lacrosse team on and off the field.

Brandon Vargas ’20, Copy Editor

Archbishop Riordan’s Lacrosse Team went 5-6 in their 2019 season. Arguably their best season yet, and the Crusaders hoped to perpetuate that energy for the 2020 season under captain Connor Rapier ’20.

With the cancellation of events and activities, Rapier looked back on his past seasons and talked about how his leadership affected the team.

After the 2019 season’s promising record, Rapier, along with the other captains, noticed strengths within their group. He said, “As a team, our strengths are in the teaching abilities of our returning players. Not only myself and the other captains, but every skilled player on our team is tasked with helping out the new guys.”

Going into the 2020 spring season, Rapier looked forward to training the new recruits. With the cancellation of spring sports, however, Rapier does not have the opportunity to exert his influence over the young team.

Coach Brooks Thoroughgood mentioned that despite the cancellation of the season, “[Connor] is still very influential now and going forward. I will talk with him about how he can be positive with the other players and encourage off-season play…”

Despite these losses, Rapier remains hopeful for his teammates. He stated, “Every shot we take on goal during a game, hit or miss, is a success I relish and a moment showing the potential talent on our team.”

Furthermore, despite not being able to help the team in the ways he imagined, Rapier looks hopeful for the team moving forward. He hopes to leave a legacy on the team, as he is the only senior on the team. “I want to leave this program as a whole bigger and better than it was when I started,” Rapier said, “and I value every second I spend on the field playing.”