PS5 versus Xbox Series X: A new challenger approaches


Jonathan Godoy ‘21, Staff Reporter

The next generation of gaming consoles is now in development. With the constant battle for king of the hill for the title of best console, Sony and Microsoft have announced the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo have been the three most prominent consoles, and since their development they have evolved greatly.

The Xbox Series X has been announced to be released around the holidays in 2020, with the PS5 following soon after.

The previous consoles in the Sony and Microsoft lineups were the PS4 and the Xbox One, and each of these had its different variants. In the battle when these two were first released in 2013, the PS4 came out triumphant.

Joseph McAlpin ’21 said, “I really enjoyed it when the PS4 was first released because I got to be able to play with all my other friends and have a lot of fun, so I am excited to see if the PS5 will live up to it.”

In addition, the new generation consoles will be able to be backwards compatible with your favorite Xbox one or PS4 games. Both consoles will also include a AMD Ryzen processor and Navi graphics chipset, which helps load games a lot faster and easier.

Moreover, the PS5 will include a solid-state drive in place of a hard drive, which will not only make the console faster, but also increase the efficiency of the storage system to house more applications and games on the console. The consoles will also make the move to 4K Blu-Ray player due to the rise of many new televisions moving to 4K and to complement the TVs.

On the other hand, the Xbox series X is built more like a computer tower and resembles more of a computer-like system, but still has the same functionality as the PS5. It is also universally known in the gaming community that computer gaming reigns dominant over consoles. Xbox trying to reassemble a PC is a sign of the transition to a more cloud based system for consoles.