Toliver’s debut album features a dozen songs for saints and sinners

Don Toliver's newest album is titled Heaven and Hell.

Album cover art by Matthew McCormick

Don Toliver's newest album is titled Heaven and Hell.

Grayson Salomon, Staff Reporter

Don Toliver released his anticipated debut album “Heaven or Hell” on March 13. The Houston artist first really hit our ears when he scored a feature on Travis Scott’s Grammy nominated “ASTROWORLD” album in 2018, on the song “CAN’T SAY,” leading him to sign to Cactus Jack Records, Travis Scott’s label, soon after. Toliver started to gain popularity after his single, “No Idea” started to gain popularity on the social media app “Tik Tok” causing many to stream the hit.

In December 2019, the anticipated Cactus Jack album “JACKBOYS” was released. Many fans said that Toliver “carried” on the album with songs such as “HAD ENOUGH,” “GANG GANG” and “WHAT TO DO.” At this point, everyone should’ve had an idea who Toliver was and now was ready to release his debut album.

“Heaven or Hell” consists of 12 songs with three of said songs being previously released such as “No Idea,” “Can’t Feel My Legs,” and “Had Enough.” Toliver also released his highly anticipated song “Cardigan” on the album, teasing it prior to the album Wes, Kaash Paige and two of the and even performing it live at Migos, Quavo and Offset. “ASTROWORLD Festival” in Don Toliver sings on most of November 2019. The album has the tracks such as “Euphoria” features from Travis Scott, Sheck featuring Travis Scott and Kaash Paige, and “Company” and is extremely good at it, leaving you in a state of “euphoria.”

Other songs such as “Had Enough,” featuring Quavo and Offset, and “After Party” have a more upbeat sound and are extremely fun to listen to and will have you up and dancing.

The other songs on the album are still very good, and all the songs have great beats, perfect for hanging out with friends and just bumping your head to.

Out of 10, I give “Heaven or Hell” by Don Toliver a good 9.5. This is because of how catchy some of the songs are and how I think that he did well for his debut album. I give it a -0.5 due to the fact that he put three songs that were previously released on his album.

Also, on the song “Spaceship,” which is a good song, was slightly ruined by Sheck Wes after he tried to add his own flow and kinda messed up the song.

Luckily, Toliver did well on it. Overall, I think this is a great album and would totally recommend anyone to listen to it, and it might appear on my Top 5 Albums of the Year for 2020 at the end of the year.