McDonald’s scores partnership with Travis Scott celebrity meal

Noah David ’22, Photo Editor

After months of speculation from fans, McDonald’s finally added the much anticipated Travis Scott Meal to their menu on Sept. 8, making this their first celebrity collaboration since the McJordan with Michael Jordan back in 1992. 

Paying homage to rapper Travis Scott’s McDonald’s meal since youth, this deal comes with a Bacon Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger, medium fries, a medium Sprite, and BBQ sauce. 

Along with the collaboration meal, the pop culture icon also released clothing with crazy colors, designs, and both companies’ logos, and a commercial, as well. Consisting of an action-figure Travis Scott speaking about his meal, this advertisement sparked video parodies and memes after Scott told customers to say, “Cactus Jack sent you” while ordering.

I personally went to get this meal on the first day it was offered, and was met with a long line at the McDonald’s drive-thru. Despite many others also being curious about the meal, it was not very hard to get and I had the famous brown bag with yellow archways in no time. 

Upon the first few bites of the burger and fries, and sips of Sprite, the meal tasted like any other trip to McDonald’s, with an exception of the smokey bacon added to the Quarter Pounder and the sweetness that complimented the fries when dipped in the BBQ sauce. Nonetheless, I finished my meal, searching to see what the hype was all about, but found nothing. 

Although I enjoyed the tender beef patty, crispy bacon, and bold flavors from the condiments, the burger did not leave me speechless. The same thing can be said with the piping hot fries covered in tangy BBQ sauce and the ice cold Sprite. Despite these two elements being essentials for my McDonald’s meal as well, these flavors were no different than the past. 

All in all, despite me being a fan of the Houston rapper, Travis Scott, I would only recommend this meal to anyone looking for a new twist on McDonald’s classics or a quick bite to eat. In contrast, I wouldn’t recommend this meal to anyone with high expectations because it is the same old Mcdonald’s after all. 

Many students had mixed emotions about this meal, too. As Kenneth Arteaga ’23 stated, “I thought it was good, nothing special though. It was just a cool experience nevertheless.”

Arteaga added, “There was so much hype behind the meal. I was curious about it from the start.”

In contrast, Dan Baradi ’22 said, “The meal was overhyped and average,” and added that he would not even recommend this meal to others. 

Furthermore, when asked if they went out of their way to get the meal or just happened to be at McDonald’s, Baradi responded, “I just happened to be at McDonald’s, so I decided to try it,” while Arteaga answered, “I did go on the first day it came out for the hype, and he’s my favorite artist as well.” 

Finally, Mason Liu ’23 shared his reasoning:  “I got the meal because of Travis Scott. He’s one of my top five favorite artists.”  

All in all, Liu’s thoughts on the meal summed it up best, “The meal was alright. It was just a Quarter Pounder with bacon. Nothing special.”