NFL Serves Up Surprising Season Startup


The NFL Continues into its 101st season, despite Covid-19 concerns

Cameron Bevan-Abel ’22, Boys Sports Editor

2020 has been an unusual and unpredictable year for the entire world, but even a year like this has kept the same constant that each of the previous 100 years have had, an NFL season. 

There were many doubters during the offseason saying that there was no way the National Football League would start and finish a season, but here we are. Sure, this season may look different than those in years past, but do not let the lack of fans fool you. Football is back and better than ever. 

“I think the limiting of fans or not having fans at all has changed the games a lot. There is no real home-field advantage anymore, and the crowd can no longer be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage,” said Athletic Director Jay’Sen Morris ’07. 

“I am sure the vibe is odd for the players. They are used to having fans at practices, and now they are expected to play games without any. Players can no longer feed the crowd and will have to find another source of motivation.”

With Patrick Mahomes still throwing rocket balls, Lamar Jackson still juking anyone and everything, and Tractorcito (Derrick Henry) still trampling through defenses like they’re dirt, just for a few hours on every Sunday, the world suddenly appears like it is back to normal.