Plant-based Impossible Burger grows in popularity


Noah David '22

The Impossible Burger at Mendocino Farms leaves customers satisfied, but not sluggish.

Noah David '22, Photo Editor

From the rising popularity of Impossible Burgers, plant-based meat patties, and being in the Catholic season of Lent, I decided to expand my range of food towards this new alternative, which mimicked our beloved, hardy meat patties. Although I was a little skeptical about this vegan option, I was more than eager to see if this meat imposter was the future of food and picked one up at Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market, a farm-to-table restaurant, in San Mateo, California. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a bright establishment with smiling workers that catered outdoor dining. I arrived at around 2:45 on a Sunday afternoon, which seemed like the primetime of the establishment. However, because I ordered in advance through the phone, I was able to skip the line and receive the main event.

Upon opening their simplistic brown and black bag, I was greeted by a few napkins and a smaller bag containing “The Impossibly Good Impossible Burger,” which contained a vegan patty, teamed up with plant-based smoked provolone, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onion jam, red tomato, romaine lettuce, garlic aioli, squeezed between two vegan brioche buns. 

However, being priced at $13, I was hoping to have some golden fries to go along with it and was worried that his solo burger would not fill me up. Nonetheless, I put my theories to the side and took a hefty bite of the meal. 

Upon first tastes and textures, I was blown away by how the vegan patty mimicked a tender texture and smokey taste so well. After all, it was only made up of plants! Furthermore, the plant-based cheese was almost on par with dairy cheese, and the complimentary vegetables tied the masterpiece all together like glue. 

From the lively aioli delivering kicks to my tongue while being balanced out by the subtle sweetness of the carmelized onion jam to the lettuce’s crunch and the tomato’s freshness, I could not get enough of the once doubtful burger, and it was gone in no time. The burger did not leave me bursting at the seams, but instead left me perfectly satisfied, which can be a plus or minus for different people. This was probably due to the contents being vegan and plant-based instead of being true meat and dairy cheese. 

In closing, after the final bite of the meatless burger, I was fully convinced that the controversial Impossible Burgers were the future of food, despite their high prices. Furthermore, Mendocino Farms’ presentation of the Impossible Burger introduced me to a whole new genre of food, which was plant-based meat, and to even try vegan meals once in a while, as it left me lively and energetic. 

After this introduction, I would gladly give Mendocino Farms’ “The Impossibly Good Impossible Burger” a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, and would confidently recommend anyone to step out of their comfort zone to try Impossible Burgers or any plant-based meat products, especially this specialty from Mendocino Farms.