New home run fence introduces hard-hitting element to diamond


Sophia Carrasquilla ’22

Outfielders Andrew Parenti ’22, Ian De Vaynes ’21, and Antonio Roca ’21 prepare to defend the new home run fence on Mayer Family Field.

Santino Woo ’22

This past school year, a new portable fence was designed, built, and placed onto the updated baseball field. Although measurements have not yet been made, the distance from home plate to left field is about 330 feet; 380 feet to center field, and 250 feet to right field. 

Additionally, the right-field fence has a 30-foot net that helps with the shorter distance. It was built to give the dimensions for a baseball field and to make the job of putting up a fence much easier. In the past, the home run fence would have to be put up manually, which was a time-consuming task. 

Head Varsity Coach, Brandon Ramsey, said, “There used to be a fence we would put up manually every year on the grass field. It usually took the entire team and a Saturday in order to install it correctly.” 

Although the task may sound stressful and laborious, baseball players like Andrew Rustrian ’22 didn’t have any complaints about putting up the old fence. 

“We had jobs to make sure that after every game our beautiful field looked ready to go for next practice. It’s our home; it’s where we face adversity and bring pride,” Andrew explained. 

That particular hard work and uplifting attitude are typical of  the Riordan Baseball team. The portable fence will make baseball players’ and coaches’ jobs less strenuous and much more simple.