Yearbook staff lances award, prepares for first coed annual


Photo by Noah David ’22

The 2020 Lance yearbook won top honors in a contest sponsored by the American Scholastic Press Association.

Tony Kent ’21, Staff Reporter

Creating the yearbook is a tall challenge under normal circumstances, but add in a pandemic and it could become overwhelming.

According to Steven Rissotto ’20, the editor of the 2019-2020 yearbook, two issues arose that added to the challenge. First, the lack of content due to spring activities being canceled. Rissotto explained the yearbook staff “had about 40 pages that needed to be made up somehow.” He added they were “scrambling for ideas to fill the empty space.”

The second challenge, according to Rissotto, was students were no longer on campus and some just “checked out.” Only a few worked to complete the yearbook. In the end, Rissotto and team put together a yearbook that was filled with lots of memories from this historic year.

Gio Ferrari ’22 said, “The cover was cool and I liked that the format was by class and not House.”

Matt Balmy ’21 agreed and said, “The yearbook was cool.”

The Riordan 2019-2020 yearbook did not just impress the Riordan community, but others as well. The yearbook received top honors from the American Scholastic Press Association. It was given first place in the Scholastic Yearbook and Magazine Awards category.

So the question is, what is the 2020-2021 yearbook going to look like? Although COVID is presenting the same issues as last year, with fewer students on campus and fewer activities, the staff already has a design in mind, but the Riordan community will have to wait until it is unveiled in the fall.

Joseph Zuloaga ’23, a member of this year’s staff, said, “I feel like I am part of exhibiting the historic year it has been even though we have spent most of it at home. We are truly making history with this first coed yearbook and it shows our resilience and how we are able to make a yearbook amidst the pandemic.”

We are truly making history with this first coed yearbook and it shows our resilience and how we are able to make a yearbook amidst the pandemic.”

— Joseph Zuloaga ’23

Meidyn Nguyen ’21 said, “I’m a senior in high school, but this is my very first time working on a yearbook, especially the first coed yearbook and that means a lot to me. I really appreciate having this chance and be able to have a lot of fun working with an amazing team to create this unique yearbook particularly during the global pandemic. I’ve learned many interesting ideas and how to put all of those ideas together, which is a really cool experience for me.”

Another staff member, Rizlin Jew ’22, said, “Riordan’s first coed yearbook is definitely a milestone for not only the school, but for me personally. I learn a lot with contributing ideas, especially seeing what it becomes and how it grows. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity I have in helping create this year’s yearbook given all the circumstances accompanied with a global pandemic.”

She added, “Working together with a collaborative team makes it all the more fun and a real pleasure in creating something that will not only be shared with this year’s grades, but for many generations to come.”

If anyone else would like to join, please contact adviser Viggen Rassam ’87 at [email protected]