COVID-19 overwhelms hospitals and families in India from sudden surge in cases


AP Photo/Channi Anand

Sudden surges in COVID-19 in India have overwhelmed families and hospitals resulting in a shortage of necessary supplies needed for treating patients.

Elijah Calip '22, Health Editor


Under COVID, though, even the more privileged parts of the country have been absolutely slammed by the needs of tens of thousands of people getting sick at once. This has led to a shortage of space in hospitals and PPE for medical professionals, but even more distressingly, it has led to shortages of concentrated oxygen needed by people on ventilators as their body tries to fight off the disease.”

— Colleen O'Rourke, Riordan Biology teacher

     India, a country filled with a rich history of culture and diversity, is facing one of the worst medical crises amongst this global pandemic and lockdown. As cases were rising through the past month, hospitals were becoming more overwhelmed as resources wouldn’t be able to support the growing amount of patients.

     According to CNN, the overwhelmed medical infrastructure of the nation along with the government’s slow response to the situation contributed to the sudden surge of cases as the nation was beginning to ease on Covid-19 regulations. Photos from the situation circulated on social media depicting mass cremations as funeral pyres burned throughout the country. 

     We, as a Riordan community, can still show our support and can still aid in many ways. As a community of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, social media is one of the most effective ways in showing support. Spreading awareness and factual information on social media is a key step in allowing our communities to be more informed and educated on the current situation. Ms. O’Rourke even recommends reaching out and listening to the stories of those of Indian and South-Asian descent within our communities as they stay in touch with their friends and family who are being affected by the sudden surge of COVID-19.