Soccer continues to move forward after late start


Sophia Carrasquilla '22

Oisin McClorey ’22 heads the ball as his Crusader teammates try to gain possesion.

Andrea Abraham '24

What was supposed to start in the winter, the boy’s soccer season, started this year as a spring sport. Practice began on April 19, and they had their first game on April 27 against Saint Ignatius. 

Coach Erin Stovall said, “This year was an extremely short and unprepared season for us. There is obviously a lot of room for us to improve as a program but I believe we can get headed in the right direction.”

This season, they had a total of six games against Saint Ignatius, Sacred Heart, and Serra. Although they did not win any games, they have improved and grown so much throughout the season.

Freshman soccer player Ismael Elkarra ’24 said, “Though we got beaten by many goals in our games, we tried our best and improved our team’s chemistry. Also, the team is getting back in shape, since most of the team has been in a less than adequate shape for soccer over the pandemic.” 

Quarantine was a huge setback for many activities and events, including athletics. Many people had to stop their training, and others didn’t have the resources or ability to continue. 

We tried our best and improved our team’s chemistry.”

— Ismael Elkarra ’24

Elkarra added, “Also, during a pandemic, it is quite hard to meet new people.”

Although it’s been almost a year since teams were able to get together and play as a team, the brotherhood amongst the soccer team continued, as it was replenished with the start of this season. 

“Considering how long some of us have been playing with each other, I think the team is doing quite good. I think that the more that we play with each other, the better the team chemistry will become,” Elkarra said.

He added, “I feel extremely blessed to be able to play the sport I love while meeting new people. My teammates have been extremely welcoming and I have never felt like I don’t belong.” 

They ended the season with their last game on May 13 against Sacred Heart, and are planning to continue training with summer workout for conditioning and skills starting June 7. 

Stovall said, “My hope is these will lead to renewed faith and energy in Riordan soccer – so we may strive for better as a program. We are rolling into next season with increased energy and a better effort mentality that will hopefully translate on the field come this winter.”