Girls golf tees off for inaugural season


Women’s Golf gets together for a photo while on the green, with Coach Elu and Coach Heuser

Addison Hwang ‘24, Reporter

Starting off fall sports, Riordan has a brand new girls golf team for the first time in history. 

This achievement is one of Riordan’s many ways of showing their co-educational enthusiasm as the seven young women on the team are “part of the foundation of a new era at ARHS” Coach David Elu, social studies instructor and girls golf team coach. 

The ladies are performing extremely well as their skills have improved enormously over the past weeks.”

— Coach David Elu

Elu said, “We started last year (2020) with five freshmen and a sophomore as a development year, which is why we had no matches, but this fall season our team is having a total of eight games! More than half of which will be held at our home course located at Fleming Golf Course at Harding Park on Lake Merced.”

Being able to compete this year is not the only development that excites Coach Elu.

“The ladies are performing extremely well as their skills have improved enormously over the past weeks. Our program is new, however I am most looking forward to the team’s desire to get better every day and their desire to give their best effort every time they play or practice.”

He added, “I think that as long as we keep and develop the players that are currently on the team and are able to attract new students to join to develop their skills either by joining the team or the Golf Club, I see a bright future for Riordan’s Girls’ Golf team!”

Drea Escamilla ’24 is also excited.  “We are really excited to be with our team and with Coach Elu’s help. We remember to always keep our heads up because there will always be a next.”

Overall, it seems like the girls team is both passionate and ready to begin the fall season.