Girls soccer kicks off with a win


Christopher Murray '22

The Crusader girls soccer team is playing its first full season on Mayer Family Field.

Jonathan Kruger '24

The girls soccer team started practices on Nov. 1, and a few weeks later they beat El Camino on Nov. 30, launching the girls soccer team to an explosive start. 

“I think that that first win was a milestone for Riordan, being a part of Riordan history made this win even more impactful,” said Deanie Cooper ’24.

Last year the girls soccer team was only able to have a limited session, which restrained them from their full potential. They had fewer games and extra COVID precautions, which made it hard to practice. 

“I played last year and it was very different to this year. We had less games and not a lot of people were able to come to see our games,” said Bo Wyatt ’24. 

A large part of the success of the girls soccer team is what they do at practice. The girls soccer team practices three times a week, working on all sorts of things to get better during the games. 

“We start practice with warm ups and stretching then we do passing drills and then we move on to doing scrimmages or practice things like headers,” said Wyatt.

Although the girls soccer team played last year, this year the team is having a full session, and making school history by becoming the first girls soccer team at Riordan. 

“It’s really cool to be on the first girls soccer team,” said Cooper. “I think it is important to be able to create new opportunities for girls at the school.”