Riordan wrestlers return to mat after COVID interruption


Nataly Neves '23

Logan Scudmore ’22 faces off against an opponent at a recent wrestling meet.

Arianna Jaboneta '23, Copy Editor

The 2021-2022 wrestling season marks the two year anniversary of Riordan’s win at the WCAL tournament. Subsequently, Covid-19 hit the world and canceled the 2020-21 season.

Mark Balestier, a junior at Riordan, was a freshman when the team won the state
title. He stated, “It felt so rewarding winning, like all the hard work and days of practice finally paid off,” he said about the team winning the WCAL Championship.

The wrestling team has a new head Coach, Zac Contreras ’13. Coach Contreras has been assisting with the team for six years and is excited to start a new chapter with Archbishop Riordan Wrestling.

He said, “It feels great to be the new head coach, something I’ve been looking forward to for the past few years,” Coach Contreras said about his first season as head coach. Coach Contreras is excited to start a new era at Archbishop Riordan. The wrestlers are also looking forward to the season with Coach Contreras.

“I like him being the new head coach. He coaches us well and it was best that it was him over anyone else,” Chris Herrera ’23 said.

The JV Wrestling team will be competing at the Anastasio Invitational on Dec. 18 and Varsity will face Valley Christian on Jan. 5.