Pinning down perfect poké bowls

I’a Poké

Sandra Halverson '23, Staff Reporter

One of my favorite places to get poké in San Francisco is I’a Poké. I’a Poké is located in the Fillmore district of San Francisco near Japantown. 

     I’a Poké is known for its poké bowls and serves a variety of house-special bowls, alongside the ability to create your own poké bowl. I would also recommend trying the Sushiritos from I’a poké, and their salad bowls, which are like poké bowls but instead of rice, it’s salad. 

     Walking into I’a poké, I was greeted by friendly workers and a cozy environment. I ordered a poké bowl with salmon, crab, and rice with furikake on top. My poké bowl was made in front of me very quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious the poké tasted and how fresh it was. 

     My poké bowl was around $13, and the portion was decently sized for the price. The fish tasted fresh, the rice tasted delicious, and the crab was pleasantly spicy. Altogether, this made for a great meal. 

     I would recommend eating at I’a poké and not only trying their poké bowls, but also their salad bowls and Sushirittos. I’a poké has affordable prices, excellent quality, and most importantly, tastiness. It’s definitely worth trying!