Pinning down perfect poké bowls

Poké Bowl

Jake Beeman '24 and Nicolo Ricci '24

Poké Bowl is a restaurant on Ocean Avenue, very close to Riordan, and one somewhat renowned within the area for the immense quality of its food. 

We recently went to this establishment, a small, white, and gray minimalistic sort of building requiring no pomp or frivolity to sell its esteemed food.   

Upon walking in, a few feet from the counter is a table with two or three stacks of paper resembling forms, on which are presented a great many options of ingredients, a great many sauces, meats, vegetables, toppings, and kinds of rice, from which one has to choose to put in the bowl. 

Of these, we chose a bowl of salmon, spiced tuna, seaweed, pickled ginger, and many toppings and sauces. After filling out our order and a short wait, we received our meal, a pretty sizable bowl, and went to find a spot to eat it. 

The bowl contained a many colors; the various ingredients, immensely pleasing to the eye, stood out in their arrangement. One is at first nearly overwhelmed, unsure of which parcel of the veritable banquet laid forth presents the most agreeable image.

Upon eating the bowl, we found it to be a most excellent meal. The salmon and tuna were of a nearly buttery consistency, with a sauce most agreeable in its savory and spiced, nearly smoky flavor. The seaweed possessed a stout crunchiness which greatly furthered the pleasant texture of the dish, and the toppings added more variance to the taste and texture of the meal. 

Finally, the pickled ginger, a most agreeable and recommendable choice, provided an exceptionally refreshing sour sweetness rounding out the many tastes of such a great dish.

Poké Bowl is a restaurant reasonably convenient in its location and, given its quality as an establishment, a quite sincerely recommendable choice for a good meal.