Family ties deeply rooted in Crusader community


Areeshah Farooq '23

The Curtins: Coach Joey Curtin ’01, Dean and Coach Jennifer Curtin, and VP of Enrollment Danny Curtin ’08.

Mario Perez de Leon '24 , Environment Editor

Family is everything. It’s important to keep them close. That’s a lesson members of Riordan’s community have embraced to the fullest, as they constantly engage with each other thanks to their roles at the school.

Prominent among the Riordan community are the Harringtons, and prominent among the Harringtons are the deep rooted values of love and perseverance. Stemming all the way from the days of black and white film, the Harrington-Riordan connection started with “Rapid Robert” Harrington.

“He stayed dedicated to his beliefs throughout his life, went to Riordan, and was an educator,” stated Bob Harrington, his son.

The Harringtons: English teacher Bob and Math teacher Ken Harrington. (Jameson Datoc ’23 )

Today, he’s pictured in the gym and the Marianist Room, having set impressive track records. Now, his two sons are teachers at Riordan, with Bob Harrington teaching Social Science and English, and Ken

teaching math. Both have massive respect for each other, and both have immense resilience, having recently done a long distance row down the Sacramento River together.

“The perseverance to never give up, to row a boat every morning, just the mental toughness Bobby has, a kind person, smart,” Ken exclaimed.

“Camping out along the river, summertime, that’s a fond memory,” recollected Bob.

Three Curtins are Crusaders, and each has really different roles. Jennifer Curtin is a Dean of Students and Head Girls Varsity volleyball coach, Joey Curtin ’01 is the Boys Varsity basketball coach, and Danny Curtin ’08 is the Vice President of Enrollment and Strategy. Danny entered the school seven years after Joey. However, by the time Danny was a senior, Joey was already an assistant coach. Their connection to Riordan lasted through adulthood, with Joey and Danny eventually assuming their present roles. Just this year though, their sister, Jennifer Curtin, started work here as a dean and volleyball coach.

The Curtin Family at Joey’s Frosh Olympics in the 1998 Lance yearbook.

“My brothers have always told me how much they loved the kids they worked with here. With the addition of girls and having known Mr. [Tim] Reardon, it felt like the perfect time to join,” she said.

Together, they’re truly able to enrich and enjoy what drives their family: community.

“My whole family has always been about others and community. Seeing them here, it makes it enjoyable to come to work every day,” said Danny Curtin.

Jennifer built on this, saying, “My best memories come from their games, the band playing, kids cheering, knowing how much work my brothers put in, and seeing it all play out.”

That cherishing of community stems all the way from childhood, recalls Danny, “They’ve always preached good morals, how I interact with others, how, at the core of everything, to be a good person.”

Equally as morally driven and just as prominent are the Datocs.

The Datocs: Math teacher Mary Ann and Campus Ministry Director Alex Datoc ’87.
(Jameson Datoc ’23 )

Currently three strong at Riordan, they deepen the school’s Marianist roots and lessons, always positively impacting the community through Masses and lessons that extend beyond the given material.

Math teacher Mary Ann Datoc proves to be a brilliant teacher, helping students grow exponentially in math and beyond. The pride she feels for her students is the same pride she feels for her family.



“Seeing Jameson [Datoc ’23] conduct at the latest band event, that’s a proud mom moment. Seeing Mr. [Alex] Datoc speak in front of the student body, I always feel pride.”

Our greatest memories, values, and bonds come from family. According to everyone interviewed, “family” extends to Riordan.

“No doubt,” said Danny Curtin. “One hundred percent, unequivocally.”