Discovering delicious dim sum delights

Sweet Delight


Nicolo Ricci '24

Items from Sweet Delight Bakery in the Excelsior District include a BBQ pork bun, sesame ball, wheat steam bun, and an egg custard.

Nicolo Ricci '24, Staff Reporter

Sweet Delight Bakery is a friendly Chinese restaurant in a place where you might not expect it. It sits on 4476 Mission Avenue, a neighborhood known for its Mexican cuisine. While it might not be the first place to come to mind when craving dim sum, Sweet Delight is somewhat of a hidden gem.

I found myself at the door of the bakery just like I had many times before, after a long day of school on a foggy afternoon. The Sweet Delight experience is quick and concise. You walk in, you order the food, you pay next to nothing, and you leave. It’s a good time.

The food is fresh, tasty, and easy on your wallet. I got myself a BBQ pork bun, a sesame ball, a wheat steam bun, an order of shrimp dumplings, and an egg custard bun. All of your favorite dim sum dumplings are made just the way you like them. 

Of these, I think the most deserving of a highlight is the BBQ pork bun, as it has just the right balance of fluffy bun and sweet filling, and for only $1.50. It’s a real time and money saver for the peckish person after school or work.

The same can be said about the rest of Sweet Delight’s excellent menu items, and I thoroughly recommend you give them a try.