Discovering delicious dim sum delights

Happy Bakery


Joziah Rizzo '23

Happy Bakery on Irving Street in San Francisco has a variety of options including steamed pork dumplings, har gow, and siu mai.

Joziah Rizzo '23, Staff Reporter

Head on down to Happy Bakery on Irving Street in the Sunset District of San Francisco! As soon as you walk in, you are hit with the aroma of freshly steamed dumplings that blows you like the wind. The dim sum is presented behind a display of glass with a wide variety of options to choose from. What makes this place even better is the quick exchange. I got the steamed pork dumplings, har gow, sui mai, and as soon as I ordered, it was packed, and ready for me to dive in to. I got an order of three for each dish, and it cost me a mere 11 dollars.

As I took my first bite into the steamed pork dumplings, the rich and savory filling was perfectly complemented by the fluffy and delicate dumpling wrapper. The small drizzle of soy sauce I added, made the flavor pop like a firework. It was like a warm hug on a cold day, filling me up with both warmth and joy. 

The har gow, its translucent and delicate wrapper was like a silky veil, revealing a juicy and plump shrimp filling inside. It was like biting into a little cloud, with the shrimp exploding in your mouth like a burst of flavor fireworks. 

The sui mai was like a perfectly crafted piece of art, with the soft and chewy texture of the wrapper squeezing the delicious pork and shrimp filling inside. Each bite was like a symphony in my mouth, with the savory flavors playing together in perfect harmony. 

If you love some good dim sum, go and give Happy Bakery a shot. The multitude of flavors that awaits you inside is worth the tasty assortment of items to indulge in. It’s a gem of a place that you would not want to miss that leaves you filled with happiness.