Discovering delicious dim sum delights

Cherry Blossom Bakery


Jake Beeman '24

Cherry Blossom Bakery on Ocean Avenue offers a variety of dim sum treats.

Jake Beeman ’24, Staff Reporter

Dim Sum is, out of all the types of food I usually venture to get when looking for a restaurant to eat at, by far the most commonly chosen. I consider the generally cheap prices and delicious food to be unbeatable when seeking a meal with whatever pocket change is on hand. In this pursuit, I have tried many different bakeries on Ocean Avenue, and of this great many, none have surpassed the quality of the Cherry Blossom Bakery.

The bakery is immediately striking from the outside; the small storefront is quite well kept, and gives a somewhat indescribable pleasant feeling that gives one the premonition the food sold within will be quite good. 

Upon walking inside, one is greeted by two large illuminated glass displays containing the large assortment of delicious cakes, buns, and other baked goods available for purchase; the golden hue of their gleaming light glistens off the tops of the buns. Some ponderance is presented by the great many foods available for purchase, but after a quick consideration I decided upon getting two barbecue pork buns, one regular, and one of a special variety. 

The regular pork bun was quite delicious; the meat filling inside was sweet and plentiful, and the bun fluffy and light. The special pork bun of previous mention met this same description, with the addition of the sweet sugar crust of a pineapple bun on top, lending yet more agreeable sweetness to the bun.

The Cherry Blossom Bakery, whether at its location on Ocean or cClement, is a highly recommendable establishment, and one I greatly recommend for reasonably priced and delicious food.