What’s best for Kyler Murray: football or baseball? Eddie’s Edification

Art by Miles Poon ’20

Eddie Monares '19, Exchange & Social Media Editor

The Heisman Trophy is an annual award given to the most outstanding college football player in a season.


On Dec. 8, The Heisman trophy was awarded to Kyler Murray of the Oklahoma Sooners, the same Kyler Murray that was drafted ninth overall by the Oakland A’s.


Murray has officially chosen to pursue the NFL, and in my opinion, Kyler made the right decision to pursue a career in football.


Murray was the best college football player in 2018 posting a 69 completion percentage, 4,361 yards passing, 54 total touchdowns with only 7 interceptions.


To be successful at the next level, Kyler needs to getinto a system where the offensive coordinator or head coach are willing to create a system built for a quarterback like Kyler.


Kyler is at his absolute best when he is outside the pocket and making decisions on the move, similar to how the Kansas City Chiefs allowed Patrick Mahomes play this season. Both Mahomes and Murray have baseball backgrounds, and are both at their best while outside the pocket.


If Murray can get drafted to a team willing to put this system around him, he will be very successful.


An issue that may deter teams from drafting Murray is his height.Murray officially measured 5 feet 10 inches and 207 pound sat the NFL combine. Although Kyler is considered small for the quarterback position, we have seen other small quarterbacks be very successful in the National Football League.


Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are both Super Bowl Champions and they both are considered short to be playing quarterback.


If Kyler is allowed to be outside the pocket and the system is made for him to be on the move, his height will not matter as much as many believe.


Another reason many people believe he should have chosen baseball is the money. Although there is a lot of money in playing baseball, there is a lot to be madeon the football field as well.


In football, the quarterbacks are paid a huge sum of the team’s cap space. For example, Kirk Cousins is guaranteed $84 million in his contract and he has produced little success. I believe Kyler can become superstar quarterback and he will be compensated with a lot of money

Recent mock drafts project that Kyler will be the first pick in the NFL Draft by Arizona Cardinals in April.


The Cardinals are not a very good team, but still have a couple pieces to work with. Larry Fitzgerald is not what he once was but is still a reliable receiving target for Kyler.


David Johnson, just two years ago, was a 1,200 yard rusher,but since then has struggled to stay healthy. If Johnson can stay healthy, that would give Kyler an explosive running back option.


On defense, the Cardinals are particularly weak, aside from Pro Bowl rusher Chandler Jones. With Arizona most certainly trading Josh Rosen, the Cardinals can use the rest of the draft to help bolster up their defense.