Vision of Hope raises funds for Catholic school scholarships


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The Vision of Hope organization founded by the Dominican Sisters, hosted a fundraiser to pay for the education of Catholic school students.

Jesus Aguilar ’22, Staff Reporter

Vision of Hope is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose. They currently fund eight schools in California, two of them being St. James and St. Anthony-Immaculate Conception here in San Francisco.

Recently, they held an online fundraising event to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Ann Magovern, the executive director of the organization, said, “That event went really well. We had 200 people watch. We raised close to $60,000.”

They had to adjust the ways they operate. In an effort to gather more students, they began using social media and virtual tours to promote themselves and gather more name recognition for their schools 

Some factors that parents and students may be intrigued by is the implementation of blended learning. This is a method of teaching in classrooms that allows students to work separately or in groups on a certain subject. 

“The teachers at our schools said they wanted to use technology, so [students] could get the lesson, and they could work on a program on their laptops that would challenge them, or reinforce the lesson, depending on what you needed. . . Then, all 25 kids could be getting what they needed,” said Magovern.

According to her, many teachers enjoy this way of connecting with students, and helps students find learning enjoyable without worrying about falling behind.

Also, parents may be willing to send their children to one of their schools because of the emphasis on faith, family, and having a passion for learning.

Garrick Cordova ’22, who attended St. James recalls some of the lessons he’s carried with him throughout high school. “Some things emphasized at St. James were respect, community, responsibility, and Catholic education.”